As we come together we acknowledge there can be no safe spaces in a settler colonial nation state in a world under the control of institutionalized systems of domination which threaten the earth and all of it’s inhabitants. As a result of these systems we recognize continued and heightened attacks on indigenous sovereignty, cultures, and livelihoods worldwide and we seek to create confrontational spaces which challenge the normalization of white supremacist settler colonial violence.


“Against the Inclusion of Zionist Organizations In The People’s Climate March” by kat yang-stevens with contributions from Jonathan Sidney

AGAINST THE INCLUSION OF ZIONIST ORGANIZATIONS IN THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH by kat yang-stevens with contributions from Jonathan Sidney The People’s Climate March, preemptively billed as “the biggest climate march in history”, will take place in NYC on Sunday, September 21st and will precede a UN Summit on Climate Change by two whole days. The…

REVISED EDITION: “On Anger, ‘Love Voices’, & ‘Divisiveness’ In Their Environmental Movement” by kat yang-stevens

This short essay posits that larger structures and forces work together to reinforce institutionalized forms of oppression, which in turn ensures continued commodification and destruction of the earth as well as the continued oppression and subjugation of Native, Black, and other migrant/diasporic/settler peoples of color. Environmental organizing spaces are often dominated by white people but it is Indigenous*,…