“Keep This Country Shutdown”: Ferguson Communique From Negesti Cantave


In the past 48 hours here in Furgson, MO I have personally been attacked with tear gas and been in close vicinity to rubber bullets and pepper spray. I was personally directed by either National Guard or County Police (their exact identities could not be discerned) to leave the Fergeson PD area at gun point – to be exact an assault riffle about one foot away from me and pointed at my body where if I would have been shot I would not be writing this message to you because I would be dead.

I have heard reports of sound devices and “less lethal” bean bag shooting guns being used against people who have committed the crime of being Black in America and nothing else.

Partners in struggle I write this to you not as resident of Missouri but as a New Yorker, my perception of some of the things we need down here are for people to be watching on the live streams, posting and sharing on Twitter, Facebook and all other social media and blasting it out to their networks. The whole world really does need to be watching. We also need people to DONATE TO THE BAIL FUND and local groups doing the work out here like Hands Up United and Organization for Black Struggle, and M.O.R.E.

I hope in solidarity you all will continue to shut the cities you live in down all across this country until there is justice. Power gives nothing with out a demand, our demand: End the state sanctioned murders of Black people in America!

Keep this country shut down.

In Solidarity,
Another Criminalized Black Body In America



Negesti Cantave is a queer gender nonconforming person and life long resident of Bedford-Stuyvasnt, Brooklyn. They are an anarchist, thinker, filmmaker, and community organizer.

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